15 May 2017

Participants Information to Join

Information Open Studio for Participants.

Follow the Yellow Balloons Open Studio Tour

SignUp Fee:
 $25.00 Early Bird up to August 31,
 September 1 Late fee: $35.00
Fee Includes: 
Balloons, promotion & website 
We will also be featuring your bio & photos of your work.
NOTE: Your Backstory Bio will be posted up to the following year's event. 
If you sign up again for the following year, 
will keep it online & can add your updated changes.


Special note for public businesses. If you would like to join in and have a way of sponsoring local artists/crafts-persons singularly or collectively and have specials offered for that day, 
then you are welcome to join us. 

Contact Minaz for more details 
on how to join & be included 
on GOOGLE MAPS tour & website.

1. Each artist or crafts-person will open their home, shed, tent, garage, shop, studio space and will have to offer for sale, quality finished items that will be priced with labels and ready for retail sales. May also promote your classes, consignments; offer other services such as raw materials for sales, etc…. 

IMPORTANT: Items have to be created and handcrafted by the participants and not made elsewhere and/or designed by someone else as purchased wholesale goods.

2. In case that people arrive by walking or biking the Rails to Trails, you can offer to mail the item OR they can come by for vehicle pickup later that day or another day scheduled for pick-up. This adds positive & quality service for potentially repeating customers who will tell other people.

3. How do customers pay? Can use PAYPAL or any other online service and be sure to be signed up and have it working BEFORE the open studio. OR the customers can pay CASH but then you will have to keep change available for transactions. Also, a good idea to have a receipt book available too.

4. Each participant could have some kind of online presence such as website, blog, or Facebook page that features artists/artisans’ finished works for visitors to pre-plan before the art tour day. Having online presence helps all of us to promote ‘Follow the Yellow Balloons Open Studio Tour’

5. YELLOW BALLOONS will help people to follow the pathways on the Rails to Trail as well as on key parts of roadways and balloons attached to signs displayed at the end of driveways, etc. It will be your responsibility to blow up the balloons and attach a string so you attach them to places where the YELLOW BALLOONS can lead people to your studio.

IMPORTANT: After the tour, it is imperative that all YELLOW BALLOONS or any garbage left over from the tour is picked up and disposed of PLEASE. Your neighbours and the critters that live here will appreciate it!

If you’re interested in participating in FOLLOW THE YELLOW BALLOONS OPEN STUDIO TOUR:

 Minaz Jantz