Why Buy Original Art & Craft Locally

Why Buy Original and Handmade Local

Our planet is filled with goods for sale that are mass manufactured but many people are seeking to buy handmade goods that come with a back story and want a personalised connection with the Artists and Craftspersons. 

Purchases made locally at Follow the Yellow Balloons Open Studio Tour will encourage the development of skilled traditions of handcraft and art that evolves through generations while supporting a soulful culture that is part of a vibrant local economy on the Eastern Shore.

What it means to be Handmade.

What it means to be HANDMADE:

  • When you give a friend or loved one a handmade gift, you are really saying, "I care about you to share this handmade gift."
  •  People are willing to be educated about the value of items made by hand.
  •  It is human nature to value the creative spirit.
  • Artisans’ take great pride in their works.
  •  Many items hand made are intended to outlast the store bought.
  • Works are all one of a kind and authentic therefore having much more value.
  • Some items can be customized to fit the buyers’ needs.
  • Buying handmade locally helps reduce the carbon footprint.
  • People feel better knowing they are connected to the Makers locally.
  • We are nourished by our sensory experiences.
  • It is fulfilling to hear about the Makers back stories on their journey to discover their personal passion for their craft and what influences their work like environment, supplies, etc.
  • People will be engaged with a history and tradition of handmade goods that are passed down from one generation to the next.
  • Purchases will be aiding further education of skilled trades and techniques.
  • Buyers will be supporting the Makers journey by spending their dollars giving the Makers more dynamic lifestyles.

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