Submission Requirements

Submission Requirements Follow the Yellow Balloons Event is an Eastern Shore Creative Collective, featuring artists, artisans, craftsperson and makers with an online presence to assist in social media promotion of artists & creative talent that lives along the Eastern Shore of Nova Scotia.

Follow the Yellow Balloons Creative Event Tour offers a FREE public event featuring artists & creatives, showcasing their work, available for public questions and some may choose to demonstrate their art/craft in private studios or within the public & business community.

 'Follow the Yellow Balloons Creative Event Tour' 
September 30th, Sunday, 10:00 am to 5:00 pm


If you make it and it is yours to sell then you are qualified to join the Eastern Shore Creative Collective: such as fine art, sculpture, stonework, photography, textiles, flower arranging, prints, assemblage, art glass, sign painting, pottery, weaving, knitting, sculpture, quilting, woodwork, folk art, jewellery, homemade food/preserves, upholstery, furniture renewal, etc.

Creative participants will be required to be present and available for the public to connect and be in a space the public can access such a home, garage, barn, trailer, studio, business, hall, etc. and to have completed written statements & photos in an email to

STEP #1: 
Go to online GOOGLE Form sign-up and fill out online.

STEP #2:
This step will require some time to organize before submitting for approval. Download the e-booklet PDF for instructions.
IMPORTANT to NOTE: all your photos & writings need to be done & approved by the fee dates as stated below so if you are early to sign-up but put off sending your creative statements & photos then you will be required to pay LATE FEE or if after August 15th then it is too late to join for this year. The timing of promotion is imperative to the success of the event.
STEP #3: Once approved in an email from Minaz then pay the fee either by PAYPAL or inter-ac bank transfer.

STEP #4: Closer to the event date, you will receive 10 Yellow Balloons FREE to use with your signs at entrances and lead ways.

2018 FEES:
  • Early Bird: last day ending July 31 - $25.00 for each creative participant whether in a single show/space or in a group show. What this means is all your creative statements & photos have been submitted and approved by this date so promotion for the event is online & print ready.
  • Late Fee: August 1 to 15 - $40.00 What this means is all your creative statements & photos have been submitted and approved by August 15.
  • Cut off date for entry & Submission Requirements August 15th
  • NON-refundable
How to PAYPAL?
How to Interac-e-transfer?

Businesses are free to join if they showcase local artists/creatives. The charges will be $25.00 ($40.00 late fee) for each creative participant sponsored by the business/group. Artist is still required to do the same process to join but will be adding the businesses name and address for the one-day event in their sign up form. Those who are being sponsored have to be available for meeting the public, could arrange a table and chairs for the event's duration, handing out biz cards, answer questions, say hello and make sales.

If you are a Gift Shop owner and have a variety of items you sell will still need to feature one local artist/creative for the day displaying & making their work the main focus among the rest of your gifts. Have the artist/creative person featured to do the same sign-up and follow through with the Submission Requirements mentioning your address as to where they will be showcasing.

The business addresses will also be mentioned as sponsors of artists/creatives and linked to the GOOGLE MAPS for Follow the Yellow Balloons Creative Event Tours. You will also be displaying the yellow balloons with signs for the public to know you are a part of the event.

If you are a business looking for artist/creative to sponsor or wanting to create a group looking for other creatives to join, Minaz can add the call-out through the e-newsletter to help network those who are looking for a space to showcase their work.

Any questions??? 
contact: Minaz Jantz.
phone: 902-827-5690


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